One Of A Kind

Bespoke Jewellery

Bespoke jewellery is the utmost meaningful creation. Handcrafted, personally proposed jewellery represents the heart of the person with whom it resides.  Place yourself into the shoes of a designer, with the help of best selling jeweller Libby Rak you can embody your imagination, carefully creating a beguiling gift for yourself or your most cherished companion. 

Chapter 1

The Process

Come in and converse with us so that we can uncover your vision for your commissioned jewellery piece. We cover all that you need to know, including sizing, budget and timelines.

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Chapter 2

The Creation Period

An idea becomes a piece of history. Your one-of-a-kind selection of style and materials bud into an authentic item at our in-house workshop.

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Chapter 3

The Moment Of Completion

At your convenience you come and collect your little piece of history (or we can have it delivered to you). Like magic, your vision has been born and can be cherished for generations to come.

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Something Old, Something New...
Reimagine Your Inherited Jewellery

We specialise in remodelling old, unworn and often inherited jewellery in to something new and authentic to you. Starting at £120 (can go upwards depending on the design you choose and the work involved).