The goddess of harmony.


The Goddess of Harmony, this ring proudly presents charming stones and bright metal. It represents the harmonious meshing of two souls. Platinum, Rose Gold, Yellow Gold or White Gold... take your pick. Marry colours and diamond cuts together using our bespoke engagement ring designer.

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The Protector of home and state.


Hestia is best known as the Greek goddess of the hearth. This design uses 3 stones either side of the central diamond, to represent warmth, reliability and that domesticated side within womanhood as Hestia showed us. Swap and change the cut of the centre stone or the colour of the metal to suit your style.

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Our Own Goddess.


Darcy is a Libby Rak Exclusive. Exquisite and detailed, yet uncomplicated. Representative of spirits that are beautiful and authentic.

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light, brightness, gleam.


Inspired by the mythical goddess Selene. The Goddess of the Moon: who is worshipped for her role in agriculture and fertility. This ring is a tangible expression of the unbreakable bond between soul mates, like the sun and moon. Let this ring serve as a testament to the person who completes you.

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love, lust, beauty, pleasure, passion.


Aphrodite's symbols include romantic myrtles, roses, doves, sparrows, and swans. This ring is delightful, it is memorable, divine and enticing, like the Goddess herself.

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Goddess of spring. For a love that blooms.


Queen of the underworld. Divinity associated with spring, death, the realm of the dead, agriculture, and nature. Persephone is a Goddess of the cycle of life. She represents and embraces Growth, Endings and Transformation.

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Divine authority and control over rainbows


The sight that puts a smile on the faces of so many. This ring represents the Goddess Iris. Divinely authoritative and in control of the joy of the rainbow. This ring resembles rare love, cherished and enlightening.

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Described as striking


Queen of the gods. A striking, regal and powerful woman. The goddess of women, marriage, childbirth, heirs, kings, and empires. She is the goddess of the sky, this ring resembles Hera and her well-respected and widely adored dominance. This ring is wonderfully clean cut, yet it has so much presence.

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wisdom, craft, and warfare


Athena is the goddess of logic and strategy, this ring is eternally stylish, simple yet strategically desirable forever onwards.

Athena is commonly shown as being accompanied by her sacred animal, the owl... this ring is always a wise choice.

Athena was known to have bright and keen grey eyes, the centre diamond and supporting encrusted band sparkle in the same described way.

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Loving, nurturing, generous.


Demeter is 'Goddess of The Earth'. A maternal and motherly figure. Considered generous and a giver of gifts, through harvest. This ring is generous, indulgent and divine indesign, similar to the key attributes of Gaia. The gift that gives on.

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Goddess of the dawn.


"The goddess and personification of the dawn, who rose each morning from her home at the edge of the river Oceanus to deliver light and disperse the night."

Eos is considered a lovestruck Goddess, if you wear your heart on your sleeve, this gorgeous, stripped back ring is ideal to make your own.

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